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Type IIa Lab Grown diamonds  

About Above Ground Diamonds


All Lab Grown diamonds are Type IIa, meaning that they possess very little or no nitrogen.


Their very special chemical composition, at the molecular level, means that Type IIa diamonds are the prettiest of all diamond types.


Many of the famous named diamonds from history, like the Cullinan, the Elizabeth Taylor, and the Kohinoor, are Type IIa.


So in selecting a Lab Grown diamond, you are picking the prettiest possible diamond material. 


Lab Grown Diamonds

are produced using two methods:


( Chemical Vapor Deposition) and


(High Pressure High Temperature).


Each method produces exquisite diamonds, which are then cleaved, cut, and polished in the same manner as mined diamonds.


And of all the diamonds being produced in a laboratory setting, only the very best qualify as Alpha Lab Grown. 

Why alpha

While all Lab Grown diamonds may be
Type IIa, and share the same chemical, structural, and optical qualities as mined diamonds, the majority of Lab Grown diamonds possess an unusual tint.


This tint, or hue, may manifest itself as a pink, orange, purple, brown, or gray cast. In order to qualify as an Alpha, a diamond must possess no tint, so that it is indistinguishable from a geologically occuring mined diamond.


Alpha Lab Grown diamonds are quite simply the best available in the marketplace today. 


About Alpha

Alpha LG LLC, the maker of Alpha Lab Grown diamonds, is proud to launch the Alphalabgrown website, where we’ll constantly update retail values for Alpha LG diamonds.

Your local Alpha dealer ( and in case you move, the national Alpha LG dealer network) will be happy to allow you to trade in your Alpha LG diamond for current retail value, as listed on the Alphalabgrown website, provided that your new diamond purchase is at least twice the value of your Alpha LG diamond. 


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